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  The 2015 Four Nations’Men’s Tournament
   After the game began, Jinming Cui scores efficiently, get four points. 4-1 Team China leading the game. Pu Wang offensive rebounding twice. Kaiwen Luo got three points at the last second. At the second quarter, Shuai Yuan and Kaiwen Luo both made three points. Team China lead over the Team U.S.A to thirteen points. 35-22 Team U.S.A ahead of the game. Later, Team U.S.A changed the defensive strategy. Team China prevent mistakes under the keep, the second quarter was down on the U.S.A. Before the halftime ends, Tao Xu’s basket inside as he was fouled. 44-42, Team China only get 2 points leading the game. Last quarter, the two teams hit inextricably involved equally matched, score group rubber to 85 even. Jiwei Zhao hit two free throws for a 87-85 China lead. But in the end Team U.S.A’s attack failed. 92-90, with 2 score barely edging out Team U.S.A..


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