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  2015 U19 Four Nations Womens Tournament in Hubei City and Nankang City
   In order to make a full preparation for the U19 Women’s Asian Championship. There will be held a Four Nations Women’s Tournament in both Huangshi City Hubei Province and Nankang City Jiangxi Province in China from June 22nd to 28th 2015. In Huangshi City, the first game was China VS Czech, during the halftime, Czech team still behind in the score, but girls have never given up, constantly looking for the score. However, at the same time, China team pressed their advantage, leading at halftime, 45-33, and gradually extending their edge to 50-40 after three quarters.


  At the last quarter, China team did well controlling the game, but raising the fault until the last minutes of the game. But Czech team increasing the three point rate, only 4 points behind the China. At the last time, China team get the rebound, the score had under control by China team. 64-62, China win by a narrow margin.

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