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  2015 China-Arab Men’s Basketball Invitational Tournament
    The 2015 China-Arab Men’s Basketball Invitational Tournament started at Ningxia Autonomous Region, China on September 9th 2015. The first round will be China VS Jordan.
    After the game started, China team that seems like aren’t in the mood, therefore they have try to run the offense, get good shots and hope someone eventually hits a few. However, Linjian Chen made 3-points with three minutes, that helped China team get the first score. During the first quarter, Yanxi Zhu get 5-points and Shuo Fang beat back, he played with assertiveness and displayed a good driving ability that set up layups and mid-range jumpshots. 22-17, China lead the game after the first quarter.

    At the second quarter, Lei Guo made two 3s, 28-19, lead to the score. It forced Team Jordan suspend. And then Jordan changed the strategy, all of the players were defending so well around. Team China got lots of faults, 31-30 Team Jordan get back into the game. After a break, Team China changed their rhythm; Yanxi Zhu had a big basket that helps China hold in. Xin Feng with a ball faked before scoring a lay-up in the second half. 41-35, China leading the game. Yanxi Zhu sank a long 3, Yongpeng Zhang fastbreak layup with 3minutes remaining. Finally 75-65, China won Jordan 10 points more.


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